Getting Caned

So it’s finally February and at least one of us has been good and not partaking in any drinking since last year. Lessons learnt from this dry January include that blaming the crisp and peanut nibble habit on the drink was misplaced and that sparkling water in a wine glass isn’t the same as prosecco no matter what people say.

It makes sense then to concentrate on getting caned. Now we’re not talking drinking to excess though, we’re talking about putting the limelight on the semi silver fox…aka Dave and his caning skills.

Over to Dave and in his own words:

“The Client required a total restoration of the cane work of this Victorian Library Chair.
This type of chair is definitely a labour of love. With its two side arms, seat and back there are several weeks work in re-constructing such a chair. But it does result in a beautiful piece of furniture”.

We wondered why we had all those golf tees in the workshop!

Caned Library Chair Frame

Caned Library Chair Start

Caned Library Chair Second Phase

Canned library chair phase

Caned Chair Front

Caned Chair Side

Caned Chair Finished