Return to Sender

We often discover items in chairs which have been left by previous upholsterers. Some leave notes whilst others leave remnants of the original fabric which is handy if you need to date a chair. We also have a jar in which we put items that have been dropped into the corners of the chairs and sofas that we find when stripping back the old upholstery… the odd penny, buttons and even small toys, although usually all we find are stale biscuits and many crumbs. In fact… many, many, many crumbs.

One of our recent jobs involved a fabulous pair of nursing chairs which our client had bought in for recovering after they had purchased at the local auction. The chairs had probably been recovered in the 1980s when a new top cover had been applied along with new seat springs and stuffing. Underneath though was a label which had instructions from a previous owner. The label reads:

“Should this chair (& its matching other) pass out of my possession (due to death or other reasons) it at once becomes the property of Denise Le Blond & Janice Maguire c/o B. Le Blond (Family Address) 2902 17th Street, Vernon, British Columbia D K Leatelle?? Dec 1982”

And on the the side:

“Important Notice… Per my will at Messrs Harvey & Sons Solicitors… Penzance…DK Latettelle??? 1982”

At the same auction were two lovely Victorian pictures of “the Le Blond” children, so we can only assume they were from the same estate and were being sold on for whatever reason. Luckily the client has asked for this label to be placed back on the chairs once they have been upholstered so that this small piece of information can accompany the chairs on their continuing journey.