Red chair story

The pretty Victorian iron back armchair covered with the Emily Burningham red linen fabric has now been finished and is being enjoyed by the clients. I’m hoping their cheeky border terriers aren’t enjoying it though! We were really pleased with how this chair turned out with the contrast duck egg blue silk buttons and piping. [More…]

Spot the difference

Usually when we reupholster an item, the change is there for all to see. Existing fabric is sometimes tired and out of date and it’s rewarding to rejuvenate and modernise a lovely item. One of our clients provides holiday rentals and we supply our services for their antique furnishings, which we’re really pleased about! The [More…]

Victorian iron back

The past few weeks have been spent on a Victorian Iron frame armchair. This is one of the most difficult chairs to upholster due to the amount of hand stitching required. Many people think they’re getting a bargain from an auction but almost get offended when they find out how much it costs to completely [More…]

Loose covers on tub chairs

What ever you do dont do them! After weeks of calico templates we managed to persuade the client to let us re-upholster them. The trouble with loose covers are they are completely loose and do not sit comfortably (no pun intended!) with the upholsterers need for tight lines and taut fabric.

Meet the team!

This is Cally, trying not to sneeze from the dust as she strips a lovely iron framed button back antique chair. Note the springs attached to the front of the frame. This type of chair is one of the most labour intensive items to work on due to the amount of hand stitching involved. This [More…]

Our first casualty

Following the long summer holidays, myself and Cally returned to the workshop to start work on the many items that need our attention. First on the “to do” list was to get the chair I picked up from my friend in Somerset into the workshop. Now this is no mean feat as our workshop is [More…]