A Winter’s Tale

We love this time of year; leaves on the ground, clocks going back, heating switched on.

No wait…in reality this means a muddy track up to the workshop, A workshop that gets so dark by 4pm, we need to fire up lights that would not be out of place on a premiership football pitch and zero heating. All of us at Number 10 like the sun, we should have been born in warmer climes that’s for sure. Whilst the black dog hits most of us from time to time, it seems evermore present on these cold, harsh days, When we feel like this, sometimes its worth reminding ourselves about the positives that surround us. Such as:-

  • Autumn brings us the sloe gin, raspberry vodka and other alcoholic beverage delights brewing in a darkened corner waiting for Christmas.
  • That crisp blue sky day walking down the beach which is completely empty because the holidaymakers are long gone.
  • Never having to do that appraisal which is directly related to our bonus. Ever again.
  • Worrying about sweating onto the clients £150 pm fabric.
  • There is always a fellow upholsterer with a nightmare job which is far worse than anything we have seen.
  • Day trips to see new fabric collections or sample/second sales.
  • Daniel Craig in Spectre…or any film for that matter.
  • The smell of fireworks and bonfires.
  • Workshop Christmas Party

We believe that you can always turn a negative into a positive….so what if you mistakenly bought that roll of wrong size stockinette off a well known auction site – it may not fit around any cushions but it makes a great “Mummy” for Halloween.