Bargain Hunting

Where have the bargains gone ? We’ve noticed it everywhere – online auction sites, local auctions, classified adverts…there is definitely a shortage of furniture and other related goodies.

A few months back, we could get our mitts on most items, now though we’re lucky if we find one chair at the auction that isn’t going for a silly price.

Our local auction houses have a tendency to describe items incorrectly. Whether it is a misspelt artist or a single line with a wrong description, this generally means that we can spot a bargain if we attend viewing days and register these facts. Recently on one of these viewing days we noticed a sewing machine in the auction, well it was listed as being a sewing machine but in real life it was in fact an overlocker. Now we already have one overlocker but you can never have too many…to be honest it was the idea of having one threaded up with a light colour cotton and one threaded up with a dark colour that appealed…anyone who threads overlockers will know exactly what we are talking about.

We never leave a commission bid if we really really want an item which meant trundling back to the auction on the day. It was raining and we were so confident that it would be ours for less than £20. Unfortunately some blokes girlfriend knew exactly what it was too which meant we went up to £70 but could not justify anymore – still a bargain but add on commission and a service and you may well as buy a new one. This was the story of the week  at all the other auctions too. Although not as bad as an oil painting going for well above the estimate (£20-40) – It went for just under £9000!! Wowser

When even the dealers look frustrated, you know its bad.