It’s Not About the Money….Upholstery Price Guide

As Jessie J would say…”Forget about the price tag” but if we could stop for a minute and take a moment to talk about price guides and price lists for upholstery work in general.

Why do many people think that our trade is just “pin money”? A bit of sewing ? Some stapling ? How hard can it really be to shove a £5 piece of fabric over that old dining chair ? Why do people find it is perfectly acceptable to pay £200 per day plus vat for typical trades such as plumbers and electricians but balk at the idea of paying an upholsterer £100 per day ?

The majority of upholsterers are members of Guilds or Associations and have undergone many many years of training or decades of working under a Master Upholsterer through apprenticeships. Most of us are perfectionists and think nothing about re-stitching an edge roll on a piece of traditional upholstery to get it completely perfect. Most of us will temporarily tack calico in place and make sure its perfectly taut before hammering home and that’s not even the top fabric. It doesn’t help with all these interior design programmes popping up and showing how easy it is to re-cover a chair or whizzing up a few sofa box cushions in 30 minutes.  You know which ones we are referring to!

Please take a look at our gallery to see what lurks beneath the cover of an item of furniture and the processes that are involved.

So it isn’t a shock when we provide a quote, please find our price guide below. These prices do not include the fabric (that’s a whole different post!):-

Price List