After busy careers and bringing up families we have discovered a new passion in upholstery and renovation.

Following a number of years in vocational training, we hold advanced qualifications in Upholstery (Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers, AMUSF)

Yeoman – The Worshipful Company of Upholders

We are delighted to be able to offer you, our knowledge and experience to enhance your home.


When she’s not cracking the whip over Kay, Cally spends her time with the family. After many years spent working for a high street bank, she fancied doing a hobby class in Upholstery and the rest is history. Loves all things navy.

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The semi-silver fox, legendary wearer of the mankini, buyer from our European market….or rather purchaser of all things Francais…wine, cheese, more wine….more cheese…and the occasional chair!

After many(many) years in the offices of Barclays and Travelex in the IT departments a new challenge/hobby was needed. I’m no artist, but fancied something creative and the symmetrical patterns of Cane-work has always been appealing. Always looked a challenge but, could I do it – yes I can(cane that is)! Then became somewhat hooked. Rush seating following on close behind the cane.

I’m self taught in Cane and Rush, self taught with the aid of a couple of instructional DVD’s from Tim and Kim at Former Glory seatweavers.

When not repairing saggy bottoms or broken backs, I can be found in my treatment room. I’m  a massage therapist including the following disciplines – Aromatherapy, Indian Head, No-Hands Massage, Reiki. Same stuff as restoring the chairs I guess.

If I’m doing neither, I could be photographing a wedding, or just sunning myself in our house in France – oh it must be time for a glass of wine – cheers!


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After gaining a degree in computer science and spending many many years in the IT world, a love of classic cars inadvertently drew me to upholstery. I naively thought that traditional upholstery was just the same as automotive upholstery…how wrong I was, but by the time I finished my stuff over dining chair (a family heirloom), I was completely hooked on everything upholstered. The hobby class then progressed into Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers qualifications (AMUSF). If I’m not in the workshop, I’ll be at an auction and if I’m at home, I like nothing better than a proper family gathering, preferably one where there is some shouting, crying but most of all laughing.

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