By Royal Appointment

After a busy few months we finally allowed ourselves some down time with a trip to the local auction.

Now the nearest one to the upholstery workshop is very interesting with lots of areas selling at the same time and on our initial scout around we noted a couple of “egg” type chairs and some large wooden set squares perfect for cutting material. However, the chairs were not going to be under the hammer for a few hours which meant more time to look round and the trouble with that is the more you look, the more you find items that you really, really need. So a few hours in, we had purchased a sad looking stool, an original Parker Knoll chair, the set squares, a sled(!!?) and a cabinet.

Now the cabinet had been early on in the auction but had not been sold and was situated near the egg chairs and it seemed to be crying out to us. It wasn’t a particularly amazing item but it was glazed and would be perfect for our fabrics so after having a word with the auctioneer we negotiated the price of £20.

After getting it back to the workshop we discovered it was probably from a museum or school as a display cabinet for fossils but not only that, it had a stamp marking on the side – A crown over V.R. Any marking on an item is exciting, we often see them on chairs so to get a royal crest was great and we’re looking forward to researching more. Not a bad quality piece of furniture for £20.