First Impressions

There are some things that really annoy us. Yes – not sorting out the rubbish for recycling is one. It is not an expression of free will by insisting on putting the rubbish in whatever coloured bin you want. All that happens is the bin men refuse to empty it, slap a sticker on and then you have to do a tip run anyway. No, what we really hate is judgement.

We all come in different shapes and sizes and we may be wearing scruffy jeans and a dog haired covered fleece, we may drive an old car but then we work in a farm building with zero heat, no running water and a dirt track leading up to it, we don’t particularly want to get our decent clothes and car dirty. We can get a Chesterfield in the workhorse car, not so the expensive classic convertible sitting in the garage. We do have those posh outfits and handbags hiding in our closet…and that’s just Dave…Boom Boom.

This month though we tried our hardest to get an account, a trade account with a fabric supplier. Not a massive high street account, just an independent family run fabric house. Our client really loved their designs but they only wanted a small amount. Now we pestered this company but for whatever reason their sales rep didn’t even bother to pick up the phone. As Julia Roberts states in Pretty Woman. “Big Mistake”.

The bigger picture means that not only are we part of a collective of upholsterers but that means our client base isn’t just us, it’s all of us. We work with restorers, interior designers and not least of all, our clients. We also have friends and family and because of this, us and the people we know mix with celebrities, top sports people, winners of Wimbledon, leaders of business, Cheltenham cup winners, directors of media companies and even royalty. There really is only six degrees of separation in our world, if not less.

So if you are that independent fabric business, take a look at your sales rep as our client ending up buying the fabric on eBay and then give us a call…we’ve got a great Chesney Hawkes story.