Festive Fun

Happy New Year! It’s been quite an eventful few months but finally the gang are back together again. Some of us (Dave and Kay) stayed close and kept the ship on the right course whereas some lucky person went on her “gap year”. It wasn’t quite a gap year but Cally spent the last part of [More…]

Storage Woes

We have a policy at Number 10 where we will only take on a commission once the client has decided which fabric they want to use. The reason being is that sometimes it can take a little time to choose the right fabric and previously we have picked up large items to get ready to [More…]

Bon Voyage

The summer is here and whilst we’ve locked up the workshop for the bank holiday, we still can’t resist enjoying some culture. August has taken us to the glorious Med where on a whistle stop tour of Corsica we found ourselves visiting Napoleon’s House…You can take the Upholsterer out of the workshop… Having visited the Warner [More…]

First Impressions

There are some things that really annoy us. Yes – not sorting out the rubbish for recycling is one. It is not an expression of free will by insisting on putting the rubbish in whatever coloured bin you want. All that happens is the bin men refuse to empty it, slap a sticker on and [More…]

The Armchair Holy Grail – Howard & Sons

We’ve all heard the stories…Howard sofas appearing in auctions and selling for less than £100, Howard armchairs discovered in a barn – like an old classic car. Now usually we would laugh at these tales and put them down to just another upholsterers urban myth but even we have our own tales to tell. We do [More…]

Chairs for Restoration

Scattered over the four corners of the world; or rather between the workshop, our home garages and Kay’s sisters outbuildings, we have acquired a rather large amount of chairs and stools.  These range from Victorian, Edwardian and right up to mid century modern and beyond. If you happen to be looking for something specific and [More…]

All Change

Welcome to the new website. We hope you like our new logo and if you’ve visited our space at Toads Hall in Wimborne you may have seen the logo adorning the tags on the chairs. We’re also linked into our twitter feed, facebook and pinterest –  I think that’s what is known as a social media [More…]