Caravan of Love

Rockley Park circa 1986, it really was the time of our lives. The then boyfriend had a great idea to set up a steam cleaning business with a white escort van and a diesel generator steam cleaner and for £5 a caravan, we would clean the outside. We not only steam cleaned caravans but we steam cleaned quite a few things, Tucktonia being another. In those days, this new fangled steam cleaner really was state of the art and very much in demand. With youth on my side though, I thought this life wasn’t for me. Fast forward 30 years and I found myself back at Rockley, in a white van, reupholstering the inside of a caravan.
Our clients wanted to replace their worn original covers with something that was bright and fresh. Using a fabric from Modelli, which really went with the other colours within the room, we reupholstered the corner unit and the dining area. We recommended replacement foam for the corner seating unit and even though the dining area, curved shaped cushions really tested our patience, we were pleased with the final result. So if you want any caravan interiors redone with new cushions, box cushions or just new covers then give us a shout. This goes for classic campers too.
As for the then boyfriend, he made his fortune and now resides in the south of France and as for the caravan of love, if you are called Sean (after Connery), from Crawley, had a thing for a 4th year student when you were in the 1st year of Uni (who mentioned cougar..), then I still have your Housemartins tape you lent me. Soz.