Buttoning Up

Whilst we try and polish off the post chocolate Easter buttons, we started thinking of the buttons in workshop, as we’ve been making quite a few lately. Now we like rhymes, such as “Dan, Dan the Landlord Man” and “Neil, Neil…buy us a meal” It was the 80s and times were hard…however, we still have [More…]

Fabric for Life

One of the great things about being an upholsterer is being able to “road test” fabrics. Our homes are filled with items we have completed ourselves and add the heavy use that the families throw at it, we can make a pretty good judgement on how a fabric will withstand a clients requirements. As part [More…]

It’s Not About the Money….Upholstery Price Guide

As Jessie J would say…”Forget about the price tag” but if we could stop for a minute and take a moment to talk about price guides and price lists for upholstery work in general. Why do many people think that our trade is just “pin money”? A bit of sewing ? Some stapling ? How hard [More…]