Missing in Action

Wow, where has this year gone ? As we head, hurtling towards 2018, we can take a minute or two especially on this day to stop and reflect the comings and goings of the last few months.

It’s certainly been eventful and to be honest, we’ve not had much time to update our Facebook page, let alone the website. We’re too small to employ a social media expert especially as all three of us have spent too many years in the IT world, it would be a tad embarrassing to “get someone in”.

With the schedule already booked up until April 2018, we’re going to be spending the run up to Christmas, fulfilling our order book and getting those chairs ready for the festive period, having already not had time to make our annual pilgrimage to Decorex.

Following last years failure to have a Christmas party too, we at least have decided on a date that we are all in the country, let alone the county or the workshop. Sometimes you have to prioritise what is important in life and spending time with friends and family is certainly that.