Caravan of Love

Rockley Park circa 1986, it really was the time of our lives. The then boyfriend had a great idea to set up a steam cleaning business with a white escort van and a diesel generator steam cleaner and for £5 a caravan, we would clean the outside. We not only steam cleaned caravans but we steam cleaned quite [More…]

Getting Caned

So it’s finally February and at least one of us has been good and not partaking in any drinking since last year. Lessons learnt from this dry January include that blaming the crisp and peanut nibble habit on the drink was misplaced and that sparkling water in a wine glass isn’t the same as prosecco [More…]

First Impressions

There are some things that really annoy us. Yes – not sorting out the rubbish for recycling is one. It is not an expression of free will by insisting on putting the rubbish in whatever coloured bin you want. All that happens is the bin men refuse to empty it, slap a sticker on and [More…]

Sewing Bee’s….Sewing Tools

When it comes to upholstery many people automatically think that it is all about sewing and can be quite surprised when we tell them that the sewing part it is just a small aspect of the trade. Initially the only sewing we did was for making piping swiftly followed by a box cushion. As our skills [More…]

Fabric for Life

One of the great things about being an upholsterer is being able to “road test” fabrics. Our homes are filled with items we have completed ourselves and add the heavy use that the families throw at it, we can make a pretty good judgement on how a fabric will withstand a clients requirements. As part [More…]

Bargain Hunting

Where have the bargains gone ? We’ve noticed it everywhere – online auction sites, local auctions, classified adverts…there is definitely a shortage of furniture and other related goodies. A few months back, we could get our mitts on most items, now though we’re lucky if we find one chair at the auction that isn’t going [More…]